Shine project status

Leave a comment to let me know of changes, new projects, priorities for different projects, etc. Best,Andrew

1. Bids for business cards, brochures, t-shirts, and web site:

Collected 7 bids for business cards and brochures, have a good option.
Collected 5 bids for web site design, have a pretty good option.
Will gather t-shirt bids today and tomorrow

2. Info on BidClerk and ServiceMagic

Gathered info on Bid Clerk offerings, currently looking at online bid clerk reviews
Received call from Wendy Klepinger at ServiceMagic with their services and prices, will put together a summary doc by tomorrow

3. Filing papers

Have set up a framework for filing papers for Shine Contracting, Shine Properties, Rocklee and Shine
Need to do these things:
Separate bank files into one folder for the different accounts at each bank
File the remaining papers in the manila folders on the floor in front of the cabinets and in Gregg’s outbox
Make a “blueprint” that shows the layout of each file

4. Poster for Bluegrass Green brewing company

5. Excel file with benefits of Frankfort Ave. store instead of apartments

6. Shine building utilization

Waiting on a third plan from a friend for Friday night concerts at Shine.


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